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Marianne outsmarts fellow escapees in eighth stage of Giro Rosa
13 Juli 2018 Back to news

Marianne outsmarts fellow escapees in eighth stage of Giro Rosa

WaowDeals Pro Cycling started the Giro Rosa with the objective to win a stage, which they succeeded in in the eighth stage. Marianne Vos took the victory following a breakaway in the final kilometres with Lucinda Brand and Elisa Longo Borghini. Sabrina Stultiens crossed the finish line in a bigger group and keeps her place in the general classification.

Also the eighth (126 kilometres) was far from easy. There were quite some altitude meters to be completed and the pace was very high. Around seventy riders broke away in the first part of the race, including Sabrina Stultiens, Dani Rowe, Jeanne Korevaar, Anouska Koster and Marianne Vos on behalf of WaowDeals Pro Cycling.

“Dani, Anouska and Jeanne served the interests of the time in a remarkable way by responding to every breakaway attempt. We wanted to show ourselves in this stage which meant keeping control”, analysed sports director Jeroen Blijlevens afterwards.

There was more climbing to be done in the final of the stage with a summit at less than 9 kilometres from the finish line in Breganze. “The team has given everything here.  Marianne was nicely kept at the front in order to be able to finish it off”, according to Jeroen Blijlevens. Marianne got away in the descent, together with Lucinda Brand and Elisa Longo Borghini.

The trio embarked on the final kilometre with an advantage of less than 30 seconds. Marianne outsprinted her fellow escapees on the line. Jeroen Blijlevens: “An amazing and well-deserved success which tastes great after some adversity in the beginning of the race. This might give an extra boost for the closing weekend.”