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Marianne stays leader in the World Cup classification
25 November 2018 Back to news

Marianne stays leader in the World Cup classification

Marianne Vos keeps the lead in the World Cup classification after the cyclo-cross in Koksijde. She started eagerly, but did not appear to have her strongest day and finished as twelfth. Inge van der Heijden performed very well, resulting in a seventeenth place. Denise Betsema won.

Marianne returned after a short break and clearly wanted to show herself to the public. "I had a good start, but I noticed that I could not push through. I then tried to set my own pace. I was unfortunately struggling today and there was not much left. What is next? To train well and then on to the next cross."

Inge is pleased with her seventeenth place. "My start was fine. But when we dove into the the sand for the first time, things turned rather chaotic as is often the case. I lost some ground, but fought back and later moved up a few places again. The feeling was good. Eventually I stayed around seventeenth place", she says. "The course was very hard today. In previous years, there was a track which ensured longer riding. This year, there was a lot more running to be done.”