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Ruddervoorde: Marianne continues to win
28 October 2018 Back to news

Ruddervoorde: Marianne continues to win

Marianne Vos continued her string of victories in cyclo-cross. On Sunday, in the Superprestige cross in Ruddervoorde, she once again outperformed the competition. The fifth victory of this cross season was a nice final exercise before next week's European championship.

“It was a lot of turning and twisting, the course was very dry. We rode in the front with the four of us for a long time, until Van de Steene caught up. When another group came closer, I decided to accelerate when we were on a technical part of the course.” Initially, only Annemarie Worst could follow, but she had to let Marianne go eventually.

“It's great to succeed again today. It is a good final rehearsal before the European championship. But next week, we start over again, with equal chances for everyone. Although there are similarities in terms of the course, it is not comparable to Rosmalen”, says Marianne, who explored the EC circuit last week.

Inge van der Heijden managed a nice 13th place. “The public may think this is a very nice result, but I have the feeling that I could have done better today. Unfortunately, my legs were not strong enough today to finish in one of the top places. Nevertheless, I fought for this position and never gave up.”